What is SAP Business One? 

SAP Business One or SAP B1, is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a wide range of features that can help businesses improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. 

Case Study

Company Background 

James started his manufacturing company, James’s Furniture Ltd., in his garage in 2000. He manufactured custom-made furniture, and his company quickly grew to become a multimillion-dollar business. 

The company started out small, but it quickly grew. James’s furniture was high quality and affordable, and he soon had a loyal customer base. In 2010, the company moved to a larger facility and hired more employees. The company continued to grow, and by 2023, it had over 100 employees and annual sales of $50 million. 


Before implementing the new ERP system, James’s Furniture Ltd was facing several problems, including: 

  • Manufacturing variance: The company was not able to track the cost of materials and labor accurately, which led to huge raw material wastage. 
  • Visibility into financial performance: The company only had visibility into financial performance after 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks), which made it difficult to make prompt decisions. 
  • Delays in order processing: The company’s legacy system was not scalable, and it was difficult to process orders quickly. 
  • Inaccurate inventory management: The company’s inventory levels were not correct, which led to stockouts and lost sales. 


After extensive evaluation of various systems and considering the latest report by the International Data Corporation, which positions SAP as the leading ERP system, James’s Furniture Ltd made the strategic choice to adopt SAP Business One. This cloud-based ERP solution caters specifically to small and medium-sized businesses, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to enhance operational efficiency, effectiveness, and overall customer satisfaction. With SAP Business One, James’s Furniture Ltd can streamline sales, finance, procurement, and supply chain management, ensuring maximum operational efficiency and optimizing business performance. Learn more about the IDC report here: https://www.seidor.com/en-gb/blog/idc-report-names-sap-leader-erp-systems.

Benefits of SAP Business One 

After implementing SAP Business One, the company saw the following benefits: 

  • Improved order processing: SAP B1’s e-commerce capabilities made it easy for customers to place orders online. The system also automatically generated shipping labels and tracking numbers, which reduced the time it took to process orders. 
  • Better inventory management: SAP B1’s inventory management system tracks inventory levels in real-time. This allows the company to track its inventory levels accurately and avoid stock outages. Enhanced reporting: SAP B1’s reporting capabilities provide the company with a detailed overview of its financial performance. This information helped the company find areas for improvement and make informed decisions about its business. 
  • Approvals: SAP B1 improved the time for approvals of documents, which saved up time with an improved speed to Job completion.  
  • In addition, the new ERP system gave James real-time visibility into his financial performance. This allowed him to make prompt decisions that helped to improve the company’s bottom line. As a result of implementing the new ERP system, James’s company was able to: 
  • Reduce raw material wastage by 20% 
  • Improve order processing time by 50% 
  • Increase inventory accuracy by 90% 
  • Make more prompt decisions that improved financial performance 


SAP Business One has helped James’s Furniture Ltd to improve its inventory management, and efficiency in production planning, with enhanced financial customer management capabilities thereby reducing cost and improving customer satisfaction, and better decision making.  

James’s story is a reminder that even the most successful companies can receive help from a new ERP system. If your business is facing problems with manufacturing variance, huge raw material wastage, or visibility into financial performance, then a new ERP system may be the solution for you. 


Kehinde Ojo

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